Dreaming of Spring and Practicing on my Cat – Hampshire portrait photography

We are in the middle of some of the worst weather Britain has seen in a very long time.  Each day there are new flood warnings and news of more homes being flooded.  I will not be the only person spending my days dreaming of springtime; of days when there is sun in the sky, the wind isn’t blowing a gale and we can go on a dog walk without bring half of the mud in the park home with us.  Today I was feeling distinctly down about the weather so I decided to raid my material draw and make a sweet springtime garland with the optimistic hope that the weather would improve and I would have the opportunity to use it.

It is such a simple garland to make, I simply ripped strips of fabric into strips and knotted it around some white tape that I would usually use for bunting.  The finished look is really sweet and shabby, perfect for my style of photography.  Here is how it turned out.


Now, I don’t have a baby or child to practice my photography on, and there were none around at the time, so instead I photographed my cat to get an idea of how the garland would look in photos.  He posed brilliantly and didn’t even bite me once!

IMG_9902 IMG_9871 IMG_9910

Pretty cute don’t you think?

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